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Intercoolers and 3800s are nothing new. For years the community has had a plethora of choices when intercooling their cars. There have been many designs and many kits and all have their plusses and all have their negatives. In our experience with intercooling these cars we've learned a lot and we've taken our findings and incorporated improvements into our new kits based on these findings and the findings of those in the community.

We want to be clear when we say that the community as a whole discovers many problems and solves many problems. We're thankful for the 3800 community and the input and advancements individuals continue to make on their cars. Many of the solutions we have implements are to problems we may have never discovered if it weren't for the community.

So now, our goal was to set out, once and for all, and make the best overall intercooler kit the market would allow. We wanted the kit to be easy to install, utilize quality components, and most of all, be efficient at what it was designed to do: remove heat from the air charge. Below you'll find some common problems and setbacks with various 3800 intercooler kits and what we did to improve upon those designs:

Intercooler Core - While we had tremendous success with our 3" cores not many were happy about the involved installation that was required when cutting the lower intake while others weren't happy about the weight of the unit itself, weighing nearly 16lbs. We set out to fix both problems, retaining a setup that was both easily installed and light at the same time. Our decision was to switch to a two piece core. Switching to a two piece core would allow us to mill out the inside of the sandwich while utilizing a wider, shallower core, something that we were previously prevented from doing due to size constraints. Our new cores are lighter and will cool better than ANY core we've previously released.

Intercooler Pump Harness - This one is simple but often the simple things turn into the biggest frustrations when installing on a weekend and not being able to get a hold of anyone. Most kits currently on the market offer no wiring harness for the pump or a simple switch. We offer a full harness complete with a 30 amp relay (also available for seperate purchase) for easy installation. The harness looks like a stock setup and will not stick out under your hood.

Fuel Rails - There is not a single kit on the market that offers a fuel rail solution. It's insinuated that you should either modify your existing rails with rubber hose extensions or purchase costly aftermarket fuel rails which add to installation time. We offer professionally extended fuel rails with all of our kits at no additional charge.

Intercooler Pumps - Many kits have history of intercooler pump failures. The Intercooler pump is not a component that you want to cut costs with. The pump is the heart of your intercooler system. Without it you are effectively completely removing the intercooler which could result in catastrophic engine damage. We use a 4.0gpm intercooler pump that we've used for 3 years and has had a great track record.

These are just a few of the improvements made to our kit. If you have any questions about our upcoming kits please don't hesitate to ask!