Comp Cams OE R Hydraulic Lifters

Comp Cams OE R Hydraulic Lifters



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´╗┐When going to a high ratio rocker or high lift cam it's important to upgrade your lifters as well as your pushrods. What better option than these OE R lifters from Comp Cams? These lifters have a stiffer pre-load which allows them to hold their pressure for a longer amount of time, helping to eliminate valve float.

Tech Notes
Why do I need to replace my lifters when installing a high ratio rocker or high lift cam? - With cams and high ratio rockers, lifters tend to bleed their pressure off too quickly in the upper RPMs resulting in valve float. There are three ways to combat this effectively:
  • Use stiffer valve springs - The problem with using valve springs that are too stiff is that they put unnecessary strain on the timing chain and chain tensioner. It's best to use the lightest spring you can get combined with better lifters and a stronger pushrod.
  • Oil Restricted Pushrods - These have smaller oil passages in them resulting in slower pressure bleed off on the lifter. While these have proven to be a reliable solution, they are less than ideal and will result in more where on the upper valve train components.
  • Lifters - Combined with the appropriate weight valve springs this is the most reliable solution.


We also recomend the use of the Comp Cams Hi-Tech pushrods. We do not recomend the use of OR pushrods with these lifters, though the OR pushrods are perfectly acceptable with stock lifters.
  • 1996-Current all applications w/ 3800 Series II & III Engines


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