W Body Store

Supercharger Coupler Replacement

Congratulations on your purchase of the W Body Store CNC machined coupler. This coupler is an oil impregnated composite unit designed to last the life of your vehicle. Installation can be done in 20 - 30 minutes.

  1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal and push down so that it can not come in contact with the battery by accident.
  2. Remove the supercharger belt and serpentine belt. Both tensioners use 15mm bolts.
  3. Remove the alternator and alternator support bracket.
  4. Remove the oil from the supercharger (this can be done by using the pump portion from a glass cleaner bottle and pumping the oil into a container.
    Tech Note: Now is a good time to replace your supercharger oil!
  5. Remove the ten 10mm bolts securing the snout to the blower.
  6. Using a rubber hammer, lightly tap the snout and it will separate from the blower.
    Caution: Excess oil will spill when halves separate.
  7. Remove stock coupler and install W Body Store Replacement.
  8. Using a 518 equivalent gasket maker carefully apply a conservative amount of gasket maker to the snout sealing area and reconnect the snout to the rest of the blower assembly.
  9. Loosely tighten the snout bolts and then torque (from center to the edges) to 16 ft/lbs.
  10. Re-install alternator
  11. Re-install serpentine belt and supercharger belt.
  12. Re-attach negative battery post
  13. Start vehicle and verify proper operation while checking for leaks.

Enjoy your newfound silence!