Modular Pulley System

Modular Pulley System

With our modular pulley system swapping pulleys takes as little as a few minutes!  Just press on the hub and swapping pulleys becomes a snap.

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´╗┐New to modding? Read this article on what pulley you can run!

Modular pulley systems are nothing new. Once installed, any modular pulley system should allow you to change out your pulley within minutes. So then what differentiates one pulley system from another? We're glad you asked!

Groove style - 
Yes, something so seemingly simple can become quite complex. There are two accepted styles of pulley groove on the market right now. 
  • One of them is an ANSI approved rounded tip. The thought process here is that the belt will achieve maximum clamp load through maximum surface contact area. In theory this is a good thought but in practice it results in less effective clamp load and can allow the belt to "float" on the pulley.
  • The other style is almost identical with the only difference being a flat-topped rib. This improved grip as the pulley actually "cuts" into the belt.


Weight - While not extremely important, pulley weight is a priority to a lot of people. Our 3.0" 6 rib pulley weigh less than the competition's 2.6" 8 ribbed pulley. This translates to one of the lightest pulley systems on the market. How light? Well unfortunately our entire system (hub, pulley, screws) does not weigh enough to power up our scale! We estimate the entire system with a 3.0 pulley to be under half a pound.
Price - Yeah we knew this one would get your attention. We've introduced a lighter, high quality modular pulley system and we're introducing it well under the price of any modular pulley system available from any vendor to date!
Included with our Modular Pulley System: 
  • 1 Pulley (Choose size below)
  • 1 Modular System Hub
  • 5 Stainless Steel Allen screws
  • 1 "L" Allen Wrench


Please note: Pullies under 2.8" require snout machining.

  • All GM Series II/ III Supercharged engines 


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