W Body Store

Installation Guide for HID Kits

Congratulations on your purchase of the W Body Store HID light kit. The following guide will assist you in installing your new headlights. These instructions are written specifically for the Grand Prix but should be similar with other vehicles.

  1. Loosen the two 10mm bolts above the headlight housing. Once removed slowly slide the entire headlight/turn signal housing out of the side of the car. For instance, the left headlight assembly will slide out towards the left side of the vehicle.
  2. With the headlight capsule removed from the vehicle unplug the headlight harness from the bulb and turn the bulb retainer counter-clockwise.
  3. Remove the bulb and replace it with the HID light, re-installing the retainer in it's stock fashion.
  4. Connect the HID light's wires to the ballast and use the included harness to plug the stock headlight plug into the ballast.
  5. Mount the ballast. We generally mount the ballasts on the foam padding behind the front bumper.
  6. Re-install the headlight assembly and repeat steps 1 - 6 for other side.
  7. Check for proper operation.



One of my lights flickers and then shuts off or doesn't come on at all.

This is generally an issue with the vehicle's stock wiring. Either the lights are not getting enough voltage or the ground on the stock harness is insufficient. While problems are not common this is the cause of just about every issue.

How do I fix this problem?

The easy fix is to wait ten seconds, turn the lights off, and then turn them back on again. The permanent fix is to purchase our add-on harness. This replaces your stock wiring with lower gauge wire that is able to provide the voltage required to ignite both ballasts at the same time.

Sometimes simply cleaning the stock harness' grounds or adding an alternator rewire is enough to fix the problem so you might consider this first.

I didn't have this problem with stock lights; why do I have it with HIDs?

Stock halogen lights use a filament that glows when current is applied to it. There is no reaction. HID lights use high voltage to turn metal into a glowing gas. To do this they require a ballast which needs significant amounts of current to ignite the bulb. After about 10 seconds of operation the bulb requires much less power to stay on which is why you can turn the headlights off and then on and usually the other bulb will come on. HIDs will expose any weaknesses in your stock electrical system.

One or both of my lights does not appear to be the proper color.

Lights will "break in" to their true color over the first 10 hours. HIDs always appear bluer when they first ignite and will reach their true color in about 10 seconds.