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Handles like a Corvette?

With the right parts you can have your W Body carving canyons with the best of them! Here's a guide to help you get started. For help on some of the terms used in this article check out the glossary at the bottom of the page.

Sway Bars - The Most of the W Bodies can benefit from larger sway bars available. Replacing both the front and rear bars increases overall flatness of the vehicle. If you're tracking the car you can upgrade one bar to increase oversteer or understeer. Upgrading just the front bar increases understeer while upgrading just the rear bar increases oversteer. If the vehicle is street driven and you only want to upgrade one bar it's best to start with the rear first.

Springs - Spring choice is highly subjective. What's right for some might not be right for you. We suggest sticking with a progressive rate lowering spring that will allow you to retain a comfortable ride while yielding the benefits of a lower center of gravity in the turns. The B&G springs we sell are a great balance between comfort and performance and will give your car that aggressive lowered stance at the same time.

Struts - It's important to match your struts to your springs. Installing too soft of a strut with a performance spring will result in an uncomfortable ride and premature failure of the struts. While the KYB GR-2s are generally sufficient for all but the lowest lowering springs we strongly recommend the KYB AGX struts if they're in your budget. They are significantly better at dampening than the GR-2s and offer full adjustability for when you want to get the most performance out of them. Don't forget to swap out your strut mounts!

Strut tower braces - Similar to sway bars (see above), a front strut tower brace increases oversteer while a rear increases oversteer. Mix and match with upgraded sway bars for the optimal setup.

Anti-Pogo Mod - W Body lowering springs reduce suspension travel enough to take compression off of the spring when the suspension is decompressed (going over a bump). This results in the weight of the car coming off the spring for a moment and then "falling" back on the spring resulting in a bouncing or pogoing when lowering springs are installed.  We offer shallower retainers to combat this and significantly reduce the issue.

Wheels/tires - Wider wheels significantly improve handling on any vehicle. Most W Bodies come with relatively narrow wheels which limits the width of the tires you can put on them. Wider wheels combined with lower profile tires will not only make your car look better but significantly improve it's handling at the same time.



Oversteer - The tendency for the back end of the vehicle to come out in a turn before the front end. When traction is broken the rear end comes out first. Understeer is more predictable while oversteer is more fun and generally translates to a better handling car.

Pogo - Bouncing experienced from the weight of the vehicle being removed and re-applied to springs over bumps.

Understeer - The tendency for the front end of the car to plow under heavy steering. Most easily defined as the vehicle not turning even though the wheel is turned but rather "plowing" forward. Understeer is more predictable while oversteer is more fun and generally translates to a better handling car.