W Body Store


W Body Store was founded in 2002 as an avid modder and car enthusiast, sought out parts for his SHO. Starting with a meager 5 product lineup Mike offered his products through eBay and soon after: a website. Within a year Midwest SHO was the largest distributor of V6 Taurus SHO parts in the country. After purchasing a 1998 Grand Prix and discovering the budding community, Mike decided to build off of his current business and expand into the various W Body communities. Starting the business with common products carried by resellers, W Body Store has since set itself as a manufacturer as it continues to introduce new and exclusive products. W Body Store is founded on a history of excellent customer service, low prices, and products that leave nothing to be desired.

Mission Statement

Our mission is simple. We are here to offer you the best products at the best prices while being as informative as we can. We are strong believers in educating the consumer without bias and letting them make an educated purchasing decision on their own. In addition to our products, we try to offer the best customer service in the community and will happily field any questions about your vehicle.