Whipple Supercharger Kit

Whipple Supercharger Kit

Info page for our old Whipple kits.  Kit not available any longer but email us.  We can set you up with a turbo kit that outperforms our old Whipple kits.

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Hey you, yeah you.  This page is here for reference only.  This kit is not for sale any longer.  It was rendered obsolete by turbo kits.  "But W Body Store doesn't sell turbo kits!" you say.  Well that's not entirely true.  Email us and we can get you set up with everything from your basic, non-intercooled setup to the most extreme, large turbo intercooled system. 


For years people have been swapping out their stock M90 superchargers with larger, more efficient superchargers. From the MP112 to the latest popular upgrade, the Gen V M90, we've seen them all and played with them all and are proud to announce the best aftermarket supercharger kit available for the supercharged 3800: The Whipple. So why is the Whipple so good? Unlike the stock "blower" which simply displaces more air than the engine draws, the Whipple is an actual compressor, compressing the air inside of it's housing. This results in cooler outlet temperatures at higher boost levels with less power stolen from the engine to power the supercharger.

The newer Whipples are even more efficient than the older units. Just how much more efficient? Taken directly from Whipple (in reference to a Mustang Cobra):
  • Old style Whipple made 568hp and 488lbs of torque
  • New style Whipple made 581HP and 531lbs of torque


The only change above was the supercharger. So why a Whipple? Here's why!
  • Outlet temperatures similar to intercooled M90s
  • Lower Parasitic loss than any available roots blower
  • Easy install (installs in less than 3 hours)
  • Distinguishable sounds says you mean business (Click hereto see a video of a Whipplecharged 97' GTP)


Whipple kits ship with the following:
  • W140Ax Whipple Charger
  • 4.0" Supercharger Pulley
  • Lower Intake Adapter Plate
  • Throttle Body Adapter
  • Bypass Valve
  • All additional hardware


Tech Notes
Why a Whipple over an MP112, Gen V M90, etc? - We're glad you asked. The M90 (or any roots blower for that matter) pales in comparison to the twin screw Whipple supercharger. Why? Eaton blowers are just that: blowers. They do not compress the air; they simply supply the engine with more than it needs at any given rpm, resulting in boost. The downside to this is that these blowers are adiabatically inefficient. They are harder to spin and have exponentially higher outlet temperatures. The Whipple on the other hand is a true supercharger, compressing the air in it's housing, resulting in significantly lower outlet temperatures, an easier to spin supercharger, and a unparrelled power when compared to other superchargers.

How difficult is install? - Quite literally, this kit will bolt on and run in less than 3 hours using standard hand tools and taking your time. It's that simple to bolt on the power.

What supporting modifications does the Whipple require? -Technically, none, however a stock or close to stock car would not properly utilize the added efficiency of the larger supercharger. We recommend the Whipple to those who have run out of pulley on the M90. Anyone running a 3.0 or smaller pulley on their M90, knock free, will see significant gains by switching to a Whipple. Those with basic bolt-ons (rockers, manifolds, etc) will not benefit from this. Those with fully built cars (heads, cam, headers, supporting mods) will see a sizeable gain by switching to the Whipple.
Will the Whipple work with my intercooler? - The Whipple will currently work with all available intercoolers though it's outlet is not designed specifically to take advantage of what's currently available on the market. Stay tuned; we've designed an intercooler just for the Whipple and it will be available shortly after testing.
The Whipple looks large. Will it fit under my hood? - The Whipple is actually only slightly higher than the M90. The only clearance issue seen to date has been on a GTP with an SD hood running a 2.5" ZZP intercooler. Any lower profile intercooler or any other hood should not experience any clearance issues.

What kind of gains can be expected from installing a Whipple on my car? - This is where the true power of the Whipple is shown. On a stock car using just a Whipple kit Animul Performance was able to pull out a 13.3 second quarter mile pass. It's important to note that the average stock GTP does a ~14.5 - 14.8 quarter mile pass. This is over a full second improvement in ET with just the Whipple supercharger, on the old style Whipple supercharger no less! While we never recommend running a Whipple on a stock car, this shows the true potential of this supercharger. Results will be exponentially more impressive on modified cars.
  • 1997-Current L67/ L32 Series II/III Supercharged motors (all vehicles)


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