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12.19@111mph on rockers? No way!

12/05/07 - A short update on Ron's car. While he didn't perform many changes for this year's race season and only had one opportunity to track the car Ron pulled another 10th off his time and added 4 mph to his trap. His best is a 12.1 with traps at 115mph!

The only addition Ron has made to the car is setting it up to run ethanol. That's right, the cheap, corn based, pump gas! Read the original article on Ron's car below.

We've been working on Ron's car for the last couple months to hone it and go after the stock cam record. We trailered the car out to US41 3 weeks back for an ILGPC race day. We tossed the skinnies on it as well as a set of Hoosier QTPs and set off. The car's first pass of the day was a PB, a 12.3 and even more amazing was the car's trap: 111mph.

We knew we could squeeze an 11 second pass out of it with a good launch. Ron rolled back into the staging lanes for a second run and after a poor burnout still managed to pull a decent launch and a 12.19 run. Now we're in business... Third time Ron pulls in and we're only spinning one tire on the burnout.

Unfortunately he also let off of it too quickly and problems ensued. When launching, the axle was decimated and the boot pulled the brake line down, almost wrapping it around the axle. We were done for the day but excited that the car had the potential to make an 11 second pass.

What's more amazing is that this car's engine has never been out... neither has it's transmission. In fact, Ron's engine has never had it's heads off during it's 120,000 mile existence.

Ron's passes were made on the following modifitions:

  • 1.9 stock rockers
  • W Body Store 3rd Generation Intercooler
  • Homemade Intake
  • S&S headers
  • W Body Store Pulley Wrap Kit
  • W Body Store Control Trac Control Arms
  • W Body Store 255lph Fuel Pump
  • 2.8 pulley, plugs, and other supporting mods 
  • ported Gen III blower and stock ported throttle body

Join us as we pull 11's out of Ron's car with the underdog setup of the year!